Pure In Heart is a church of active committed members. They know that giving of one's self brings blessings to all and is a wonderful avenue for learning more about Love. Membership in Pure In Heart is joining with kindred spirits to actively work for the greater good of all mankind. Membership in Pure In Heart is actively striving and learning to pray effective healing prayer. It is learning to devote thought and moments to prayer that heals. Membership in Pure In Heart is learning to open thought up to new ideas and new perspectives, always growing, embracing fresh inspired views, always moving thought to a higher spiritual vista. Expect to be asked to pray for specific challenges; for church, for our community, and for the world issues of our day.

Pure In Heart is an atmosphere where we work to apply the absolute truths taught in the Bible to our everyday activities; an atmosphere where spiritual prayer is the path and spiritual demonstration is the goal in all facets of church work. It is hoped that this church led example helps to lift one's thought to an altitude that promotes meeting all of one's individual challenges with spiritual solutions.