Pure In Heart activities, such as our monthly "Prayer for the World" meetings, and our "Bible Story Time" gatherings are open to guests. We also hold monthly membership meetings where we pray for our church and share ideas. These membership meetings are also open to guests. The Pure In Heart board chairs these meetings and presents specific issues that need prayerful thought. These meetings are prayer meetings, where we work on challenges or issues that specifically involve our church and the CS movement.

At these meetings we also share calendar activities that are coming up, listen to videos from The Mother Church and hear of "Church Alive" experiences from other Christian Science churches and societies. We may also have an inspirational address on a specific topic.

We hold 8 membership meetings per year, about once per month, and an Annual meeting where we present a progress report from the board and church manager, and share a brief annual financial report. We also hold Reader and/or Board elections when needed at this Annual meeting.

Usually in January, we hold our annual 'Jubilee' celebration where we invite all the CS churches in the area to join us for a gratitude and fellowship gathering. We spend the afternoon sharing food, healings, reports of growth and progress and getting to know each other better.

Members also participate in a number of teams that support specific church activities. Every member is considered part of the usher/welcoming team; it is a rather spontaneous activity.

We also have a:

Sunday School Team
Reading Room Team
Prayer Team
Community Outreach & Lecture Team
Youth Outreach Team
Music Group
Prayer First Responders