Pure In Heart recognizes the incredible healing power of gratitude. Turning thought to affirming one's blessings is solid evidence of the goodness of God. This acknowledgement of the Father's Love, is many times the first step to recognizing the spirtitual viewpoint. Seeing and knowing the spiritual truth of God and man is a journey Pure In Heart works to promote. Gratitude and prayer are at the heart of this voyage.

Many times in his healing ministry, Jesus turned to the Father and gave thanks before healing was evident. Before demonstrating spiritual supply with the loaves and fishes, he gave thanks to God for His infinite abundance. He gave thanks at the last supper, before the challenges and victory over the crucifixion. Paul almost always gave thanks to God prior to his many healing demonstrations.

Our Wednesday evening meetings are a wonderful place to practice sharing gratitude to God for His goodness and care. The sharing of a healing is a special acknowlegement of the Father's shepherding presence, but even a simple sweet gratitude for a small blessing is an amazing recognition of the power of good in the world. Practiced gratitude is so important in nurturing a natural expectancy of good in our lives, that Pure In Heart works hard to foster this altitude of thought.