The Pure In Heart idea unfolded gently through a desire to uphold and encourage the exceptional spirituality of the Christian Science Sunday service, while at the same time exploring Christian Science church membership in an atmosphere where the focus and heart of "church work" is primarily prayer. This prayer focused approach also includes a promise of unconditional love, where a practiced sense of grace offers a generous hospitality and respect for each individual. Our expectation is that this welcoming environment, centered on prayer and unconditional love, will present all an opportunity for spiritual discovery, including the cultivation of dependable Christian healing.

Mary Baker Eddy's Sunday church service, as presented in the Manual of The Mother Church, is a brilliant model of a spiritually inspired, healing meeting. Pure In Heart wholly embraces this precious present order of service, as well as the concept of excellence in music and reading, all presented with a simple, sweet, and gracious informality. Mrs. Eddy's textbook "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" is a radical volume. Our services should clearly convey this awesome, ground-breaking, and healing thought. Pure In Heart is always open to fresh ideas for church. Should an idea prove to bring a quality of inspiration and healing to the congregation, it will be welcomed with open arms.

Pure In Heart, the Christian Science Society of Mission Viejo, California, is designed to keep church business, maintenance and organizational activity in the background, concentrating on the real business of Church: prayer, spiritual growth, and healing! Active spiritual prayer for church, for our community, and for the world is the focus of every monthly membership meeting. Turning our thought to prayer and the needs of others affords a wonderful opportunity for church gatherings to be a catalyst for spiritual growth, both individually and as a church family. Practicing and growing our prayer muscles can only make us better healers.

All are welcome; no matter your background, your history, your current struggles or challenges, you are welcome; welcome to come and learn more about God and man and how to pray effective healing prayer; prayer that heals!

Whose church is this anyway? ... the answer is easy, this is God's church.