Pure In Heart puts great emphasis on prayer and healing. One avenue in which we reach out each month is to hold what we call, "Prayer for the World Meetings." Each month we choose a specific topic or issue and come together as a church family to actively pray. These meetings are each a little different, although they all begin with short readings from the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and then we get down to the core of the meeting, active prayer. We work in silent prayer on specific challenges for five to six minutes, and then share passages from the Bible and the writings of Mrs. Eddy that support and affirm the absolute truth concerning the specific challenge addressed. We continue this approach until all facets of the challenge have been covered and mentally put to rest. We then close with a hymn or two knowing and acknowledging that our work is fruitful and a powerful force for good in the world. These meetings are open to the community, come pray with us.