Christian Science churches and societies hold a "Thanksgiving service" on the US holiday known as Thanksgiving Day. This worship service presents a Thanksgiving Lesson sermon that is part of the weekly Bible Lesson study set for the month of November. This allows individuals to study the Thanksgiving sermon during the month to more fully support its healing message during the service. Time during the service is also set aside for the congregation to give thanks for blessings received throughout the year, as well as share brief testimonies of healing. Mary Baker Eddy recognized the healing power of gratitude and was led to include the requirement of this wonderful service on a day that was specifically designed to give gratitude. The singing of hymns and prayer are also an integral part of this service.

All in the community are welcome to join us at all our services, and especially on Thanksgiving Day. Start your "turkey day" with giving gratitude for the good God has provided for you and yours' this year. The service starts at 10:00am and concludes well before "kick off" time :-)