Pure In Heart aspires to some very lofty goals. These soaring aspirations have grown from the desire to be a part of a Christian Science church experience that actively works as a church family to demonstrate the healing and spiritual growth experienced by the apostles in the book of Acts. These divine desires also hope to realize and demonstrate that level of healing that saw the Christian Science movement grow and succeed in the late 19th century when Mrs. Eddy was present to lead the way.

Our thought in this direction realizes that a great awakening in consciousness, coupled with an active willingness to grow our spiritual practice, is requisite. Effective Christian Science treatment requires practice and dedicated prayer. Our mission is to build a church environment that actively promotes individual growth in learning to pray effective healing prayer. The goal is to build a church atmosphere where we are actively encouraged to not only express the love of Christ, but to demonstrate that love in active healing for our members, our community, and our world. Christian Science heals! We want to be a church that heals, quickly and demonstrably. We therefore strive to practice active prayer in all our church meetings and activities. Learning to pray effectively is at the core, focus and purpose of every Pure In Heart church gathering.

Growing our practice and application of effective Christian Science treatment is the reason behind all the activities we undertake as a church family. This is a praying church; a church where members work hard to learn to pray, heal and grow. It is an active church, a church of thinkers, where much is expected of each member and a sense of all-encompassing unconditional love is so prevalent, that a critical or limiting thought has no chance for existence or voice.

We turn whole-heartedly to the Truth of God and man until a sense of peace is clearly present in thought and tender sweet healing is natural and effortless. Our mission is to heal!